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1 Confusing Aspect about Making Money through Blogging

Legions of new bloggers buy their domain and hosting daily. Eager and fresh-faced, this crowd dives into blogging with vim and vigor. Publish posts. Network. Open income streams. Persist. Be patient. Relax for a bit.  6 months fly by. Check your metrics. Zero blogging profits. Another 6 months pass, marking your 1 year blogging anniversary. Still, profits sit at zero. You put in generous work for one year but have not made one penny through blogging. What gives? What is the problem?

First off, buy my blogging profits eBook to get to the root of your problem. Digging deeper, you learn a most peculiar truth about blogging. Blog monetizing feels confusing because of this fact: money arrives when money wants to arrive, not based on your desires. I learned this confusing lesson until confusion dissolved into clarity and acceptance. Money has its own mind, in a way. Blogging profits arrive in their own time at their own pace. No human being forces the monetizing process or speeds up blogging profits because no human will overcomes the mind of money. Money arrives, for sure. Never doubt that fact. But money just arrives at its own pace. Rest assured, that pace has nothing to do with your bills or other financial commitments. Blogging money does not care if you need to pay your mortgage. Paying bills is your responsibility, not the responsibility of money. Either get a job or a cast iron stomach for the sometimes bumpy journey bloggers experience.

The money-time aspect of blogging confuses bloggers because most work jobs and expect blogging to be like a job; work, then, get money at specified time frames. Nope. Blogging is a serious business.  Blogging requires learning, generous service, patience and persistence, to manifest business success. Bloggers fall confused at the concept of working for free – for 1-2 years sometimes – in order to make big money down the road. But it works that way. Trade confusion for clarity. Jobs work like this; agree to a job, complete tasks, employers pay you money every 1-2 weeks. Blogging works like this: work for free for a long time to increase your skills and exposure, open income streams, eventually, when you are skilled enough and in enough spots, money begins flowing to you. People say you waste your time working for free for 1-2 years but those fools lacking vision usually work jobs they dislike and sacrifice their freedom, happiness and wealth for the illusion of security. Horrible trade off.

Money will come if you generously help people and trust in yourself. Accept that truth. Never panic. Never bail. See the blogging journey through. But understand that money arrives in its own time through its own channels at its own pace. Human desire has nothing to do with this equation because money is money and your mind is your mind. Both separate energies. Relax. Fall in love with the process of helping people. Trust in yourself. Trust in the blogging process. Money eventually builds and finds you regularly through multiple streams but wading through uncomfortable moments while generously helping folks is the key to go full time.

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1 thought on “1 Confusing Aspect about Making Money through Blogging”

  1. Hello Ryan & Mudassir,

    Well said blogging is all about gaining more n more knowledge – because it is the thing which going to help you to earn healthy relationship as well as money.

    Blogging is really a serious task here you need consistency to your learning process. Thanks for sharing.

    With best regards,

    Amar Kumar

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