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1 Blogging Fair Warning

Do you want to taste sweet blogging success, guys?

NEVER be this guy…..

I once worked a job nearly two decades ago for a big financial institution. Temp work. Easy stuff. I took it to make a few bucks and to find my way in life. But working the job introduced me to someone who taught me an incredible life lesson that I applied to my blogging campaign. He was an OK guy; nice enough, in the beginning. His intelligence? Amazing. Dude was super smart; programming whiz. Everything seemed to come to him easily. He had a logical mind. Working through complex algorithms, sometimes he did things in seconds or minutes that nobody in the department could do in hours.

Dude seemed so out of place to me. Why was he working a temporary job for a few bucks an hour? He was brilliant. His programming skills obviously did not seem to be an issue. But I quickly found out why he hadn’t landed a phenomenal, high-paying job aligned with his top shelf programming skills and natural, raw talent, as far as logic.

I noted a habit he developed by tuning deeply into his conversations. He was arrogant. He also mocked other people who lacked his intelligence. Perhaps a little ribbing of others could be OK, I guess, as we are all human and prone to be drunk on our own ego, from time to time. But he routinely made it a point to ridicule folks and to sometimes flat out run people down who did not seem to be as smart as he. Of course, as we have learned again and again, twice the pride, double the fall. Eventually, he alienated himself from most people in the department. Now I understood why he worked a temp job for a menial wage; for all of his skills and high intelligence, he could not work well with others due to his arrogance and stubbornness, in addition to his poisonous pride.

One day, his desk was cleared out. He never missed a day. What gave? Word spread how he was fired the day prior. Why? He foolishly and arrogantly tried to access sensitive information obviously safeguarded by the company. Only a deluded person high on themselves would be so reckless; he paid the price for his ego-drunk ways by losing his job.

Blogging Fair Warning

You can be:

  • incredibly skilled
  • charismatic
  • driven
  • a 15 hour a day worker
  • highly intelligent

but if you do not humbly serve people and if you do not work harmoniously with others, you will struggle, fail and quit blogging. Arrogance has no place in blogging. Nor does the insane belief that you are actually better than other people. Forget about the low self-esteem, suffering-person habit of downing people, mocking them, because they have not your skills and intelligence. We are human beings. Everybody has a little bit of an ego, in the blogging world. But minus a rare ego boost, never ever ever ever make fun of fellow bloggers, mock them or arrogantly tell people you do not need their help….because…you do. Top bloggers generously serve folks, humbly working with a high volume of loving readers and co-bloggers, to become successful.

Why in the heck do you think I guest post on so many blogs daily? I humbly serve, folks. I work WITH fellow bloggers. Feels so good to co-create, right? Feels freeing. Instead of doing things solo you just have fun co-creating and know you expand your reach exponentially, working with fellow bloggers versus looking down on fellow bloggers. Any arrogant blogger vibes mainly fear, being in pain, which is why these folks repel us with their arrogance and mocking, nasty tones. These folks fail and quit because love promotes success, and fear promotes failure.

I hope my former co-worker eventually found his footing. He was an OK guy and we were friendly enough. I thank him for teaching me a stellar blogging lesson.


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