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While hundreds of people start their blogs daily, not many end-up building a money-making blog. Why? They don’t understand BLOGGING in good order!

Well, it is important that you have someone there for you to help in getting started step-by-step. I help you learn blogging from scratch, start a blog, grow it and monetize it. SO don’t worry and grab a coffee for now!

I am Mudassir Ahmed, creator and author of

On this page, I have organized helpful resources to set out with blogging the most EASIEST way. Whether you are a teenager or in retirement, you can create your own blog and hit the ground running in less than an hour. The best of all is, it’s beginner-friendly and fun!

Let’s learn blogging…

Blogging basics for beginners (2021)

What is a blog?

The term ‘blog’ is derived from ‘web log’, means filing/recording information on web.

In a way, a blog is a website that publishes content about a specific topic or many in the form of articles. Eventually, the person who manages the blog (blogger) focus on producing high-quality content and distributing to attain the goal of helping audience and monetizing it.

For example, my blog plays around ‘blogging’ niche and help aspirants like you.

What is blogging?

Blogging includes activities like blog creation-design, content marketing, and making money out of it. The motive is to share your knowledge on particular subject with a set of audience.

What is the purpose of a blog or blogging?


If you’re an individual having skill on a subject then you could start blogging, share expertise, build a tribe and earn money monetizing your content or by selling your skills – just like me!

If you’re a business having a website then you can attach blog section to your website. Using your blog, you could turn prospects into customers by providing helpful content, let them understand better about the products, and know company updates.

What are common types of blogs?

Blogging yields money but all blogs are not being created to earn. Let’s learn.

1. Personal blog

As the name implies, personal blog would run by an individual who like to share his or her day-to-day happenings with like-minded folks.

Personal blogs are the oldest of all, also known as online journals or diaries.

2. Business blog

As I talked above, business blog is a part of a business website where the owner build brand awareness, while offering quality content to prospects and customers. It is a less expensive way for businesses to achieve their marketing goals.

For example; A dentist could blog about “teeth health” to help people and attract them to visit the clinic for dental services.

3. Niche blog

Niche is nothing but a topic.

You may be good at parenting or gardening, sports, movies and web series, or even gadgets…You can easily turn your talent into a blog and earn out of it.

All you need to do is pick a niche that you are passionate about, understand the potential of the niche, and consistently provide content to solve the pain points of the audience.

Must read –> How to select winning niche for your new blog?

4. Media blog

Typically, we call them as News websites. To build a successful media blog, you must have a fair knowledge on vast topics, license, team and ability to show ‘truth’ to your audience.

Types of blogging platforms

The popularity for blogging probably because of availability of easy CMS platforms that supports bloggers. You don’t have to worry if you have no technical knowledge about websites and stuff. Thanks to ready-made CMS’es (Content Management System) like, you can get started with a brand blog in less than an hour and maintain it.

While there are dozens of platforms that let you blog, but my vote goes to below two:


I use to run this blog, other of my blogs and a business website. In fact, more than 36% of all websites across the Internet use It is easy to understand and use, secure, highly customized with tons of design elements, and the best is that it is easy to use ‘forever.’

However, you will need a domain and hosting to build your blog on WordPress, which you can get at Hostpapa for an affordable cost.

2. (Blogspot)

Another best blogging platform owned by Google.

If you have zero budget to get started with blogging, then could be your choice. But if you go with free mode, you’ll not be the sole owner of the blog you’d run. For example, If you wish to create a blog using your name, then it appears as If you want to remove the ‘blogspot’ extension, you will have to purchase a domain and host it freely on blogger.

Blogger has got decent collection of design and monetizing options but they’re not best as, my personal opinion though.

Other blogging platforms you may want to explore

The above two are my recommendations. But DON’T limit yourself, following are a few popular CMS platforms to build blogs:

  • Wix
  • Ghost
  • Tumblr
  • (different than

How does a typical blog look like? (Structure of a blog)

The appearance of a blog depends on the theme that the blogger uses. However, most of the blogs have this common structure that includes:

  • Header (menu, navigation pane, search bar, etc)
  • Content area (blog post)
  • Sidebar (banners, advertisements, social media profiles, email subscription, etc)
  • Bottom of the post (author bio)
  • Footer (Disclaimer, privacy policy, pages, etc)

Top 7 reasons why blogging is popular and you should start

  1. Blogging helps you generate passive income every day
  2. Blogging improves your creativity skills
  3. Blogging establishes you an authority/personal brand
  4. Blogging helps you inspire people
  5. Blogging helps you befriend
  6. Blogging accelerate your confidence levels
  7. Blogging makes you better person

Additional blogging resources

To learn blogging from scratch, pay close attention to blogging resources that I have listed below that helps you to blog better.

Learn blogging and getting started with it

Blogging guides to grow your blog

And while it may take some time to drive blog traffic, build audience base and earning decent income, just keep giving your best.

There’s never been a better time to start blogging. Get started HERE. Happy blogging!

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