I help you build a successful blog

Hi, I am Mudassir Ahmed – Creator and author of Blogging Explained, and I welcome you here.

Let’s talk business!

Do you believe Money is Freedom?

I do… As a matter of fact, most people attract themselves blogging for that ONE reason!

I believed and learned that blogging is such a business. However, the battle of blog-to-hustle is getting intense from time to time…And I can say the year 2020 is just on fire!

What you spot on my blog is value; no dramatic advice.

I’ve already helped dozens of bloggers in getting started with blogging and I’d like to help you too. For now, check out

Beginners guide – to start and build a successful blog in 2020

I never had an Internet facility until the last days of my graduation. But today, I earn through it. That’s how life takes turn if you wish to see the good things. You just need to believe in yourself!

I am of the opinion that it is never been a good time to make-a-living with the knowledge you have. Over and above, blogging is a lot of fun.

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