Blogging has been an excellent way for people to put their ideas into writing and share their expertise with a like-minded audience. In fact, over the past decades, blogging has steadily advanced from being just an avocation to a full-time profession.

With that in mind, millennials are being fascinated by blogging. So, whether you are a specialist at gardening, pet care, or presenting a piece of lifestyle advice, there is an audience waiting for you.

Certainly, having a blogging resources blog like this can help you spark.

Mudassir Ahmed - Blogger at Blogging Explained

I started my blog back in 2017, and since then, I have scaled it like a small business and generated affiliate income with it.

I’ve been blogging for 5 years now. And to this day, I’m still learning new things with lots of trial and error behind the scenes. Trust me, I should know. I have personally realized how terrifying it is to think of starting a blog; especially, when you’re a novice.

That is where comes into play – I constantly thrive to offer you blogging advice that works and accelerates your growth.

Be assured, I will help you start a blog, generate traffic, and make money off it.

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